10 Best Hover Board 2020 – [ Do Not Buy Before Reading This! ]

In the past, hover board safety was a huge concern, but now the government and companies have taken more steps to improve buyer safety.

Like any similar scooter or skateboard, the rider should wear appropriate safety gear to help prevent injuries. The safety gear may include a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads. It’s also essential to follow age recommendations and weight restrictions for the specific board you choose to remain safe while riding the board.

The hoverboard is widely famous for its recommendable features. It is difficult to choose the perfect one. It is also known as an electric scooter. Features and the performance of the hoverboard make it famous and favorite and become a gadget of extreme popularity.

Benefits of hoverboard:

Eco-friendly nature: Hoverboards are eco-friendly because they don’t need any type of fuel which costs too much. They are easy to operate and they can help to save nature.

Cost-effective: They are cost-effective because the hoverboard is cheaper than public transport. Anyone can use it for any kind of purpose.

Portability: As we know that hoverboards are portable because they easily travel from one place to another and they are travel-friendly.

Points to keep in mind before buying:

Safety: Sometimes hoverboards catch the fire because of bad manufacturing, hence it is necessary to buy quality assure product. Speed can be controlled by the user easily. Kids also use this because it is quite safe for anyone.

Hoverboards are operated by their control panels and remotes. So they are very safe because of their compact size and shape, and also there are no chances of accidents as compare to vehicles.

Speed: It is one of the main factors you should check before buying the hoverboard. There are, any hoverboards available on the market which are good at speed, so you should decide the speed you want in your hoverboard.

Price: Before buying anything, it is important to decide your budget so that you find the product which is fit in your budget. There are a lot of brands and they all are having different price ranges according to their features. Hence it is necessary that you need to decide the cost first.

Features: You must check the entire feature before you go to buy. There are plenty of different brands that have different features so that you should decide what kind of features you want in a hoverboard. Always choose the one which has Bluetooth and LED function in the product.

Weight: Always check the weight of the hoverboard so that you can handle them properly according to your strength. You can buy the board which can carry 300 pounds at a maximum. Most of the hoverboard is capable to carry 220 pounds.

How to buy a perfect hoverboard:

Wheel size: the wheel is one of the most important factors you need to check before you buy the product.

Range: the hoverboard should be travel in 7 to 15 miles with a full battery. It is the main thing you should check while selecting the perfect hoverboard.

Charging time: this must be in 2 to 2.5 hours. Some hoverboards take less time to charge.

It is quite tricky to know which hoverboard is safe and durable, hence it is important to know about all these factors, features and benefits mentioned above. The all information is important when you go to buy hoverboard. They are very portable and safe; also they are easy to operate.

It’s also helpful to choose a board that has been safety tested for fire concerns as there have been issues with batteries causing fires or small explosions related to hover board usage or during charging.

As of now, all hover boards must show a UL 2272 certification. If you cannot find one, do not buy that product. Some companies even go a step further and offer added protection with a UL 2271 listed Sentry Shield.

Max speed, travel distance, carrying weight, and charging time should also be important determining factors when making a purchase. Lastly, you should consider your own personal needs when making a choice from this list. Whether you are a beginner, a child, or an expert rider, there is a hoverboard for every rider level so that everyone can have a safe and fun ride.

How Does a Hoverboard Work?

The board is powered by a battery which is rechargeable. There is a wheel on each end of the board that makes the board move as the rider shifts their feet. Hover boards are controlled by the rider through different foot movements and applying different levels of pressure onto the riding platform.

How heavy is a hover board?

The weight of the board depends on the brand and model. Most boards weigh anywhere between 18 and 30 pounds.

How can you restart a hover board?

Most hover boards are equipped with a reset option. The specifics for a reset should be included in the manual that comes with the board. For most of them the power button can be held in for around 10 seconds for a reset. Then the board can be turned off and turned back on for use.


Hover board is the name that people started giving to self balancing electric scooters. A Bluetooth connection is a common feature but not all boards have it. The product description of the specific board can provide more information on this feature.

The origin of the hoverboards is not confirmed, but it became popular in the year 2015, in the United States.

The use of these self-balancing scooters is restricted in California and New York. In New York, most advocates are trying their best to remove the hoverboard restriction from the city.

In California, the people who are under 16, they are prohibited to use hoverboards. The speed limits are also placed by this state. It also restricted the use of hoverboard to bike lanes.

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A hoverboard can be a fun way to get around for kids, teens, and adults once the riding technique is mastered. These boards come in several colors and patterns and there are many boards available for under $200.

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